Consumers Wind up Paying More to Avail

Consumers Wind up paying more to avail Rs 5 LPG Reduction in Hubballi

In an attempt to Promote budding transactions, the marriage oil ministry on January 3 declared that LPG customers would find a Rs 5 reduction on each refill, that was reserved and How to Book HP Gas Online. But, individuals who attempted to cover their bills using internet banking facility needed to cough up Rs 7 to Rs 8 as trade fee to acquire the Rs 5 reduction.

Sunil Nalavade, a Hp Gas New Connection, stated that he needed to cough up Rs 7 as trade charge. “If they announce a lien, the ministry along with the departments concerned should think twice. To acquire a five-rupee rebate, we’re spending Rs 7, so that we’re paying two rupees additional. They ought to at least waive off trade fees, should they wish to facilitate cashless manners of payment for LPG,” Nalavade explained.

“I needed to pay Rs 8 as trade fees. That is a misleading statement by the authorities,” Patil said. But, Patil remarked that the trade charge was only Rs 1.51 for debit card payment.

“I’m an HP Gas Customer, also needed to pay Rs 6.65 as trade fee. After the government declares such rebates, they ought to make these things clear,” he added.

Indane Gas area officer SK Ganesan stated that the fees were being levied from the banks. “We aren’t even aware once the reduction came into effect.While a few are saying it has already been executed, some are stating differently. We’re concerned only with shipping. When our customers book on the internet, we provide so,” Halaharvi explained.

The employees responsible for the HP Gas Connection Online too stated that the banks imposed the trade fees, while the authorities gathered the service taxation.

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