HP Gas Booking Information

HP Gas Online Booking

The information regarding all the issues and details of HP gas is there on its website. You can book your connection in two ways, online and offline. In online mode of getting a connection, the consumer has to visit the official website where he has to get himself registered first if he is new. For the members who are already the member just need to log in with his id and password in order to get the connection.

Creating a new account is time consuming. A consumer has to provide all the necessary details required accurately in order to become a member. He also needs to submit valid documents and pay the required fee that is charged for the new connection. The minimum cylinder connection is 2 of Rs. 1250 each. This amount is refundable as per the consequences. One regulator costs Rs. 150 and the cost of the refills depends on the area where the consumer resides.

Online HP Gas Booking

The procedure of booking is based on two ways:

    • Offline Method
    • Online Method

Offline Method:

HP Gas Booking  Rules For Existing Consumer : Those consumers who are already members of HP Gas can have a online HP gas booking using their Consumer Number in following ways.

    • By directly going to the concerned distributor
    • Through SMS/IVR dialing following phone numbers:
      • Vizag N Hyderabad – 9666023456
      • Kolkata – 9088823456
      • Chennai – 9092223456
      • Delhi – 9990923456
      • Patna – 9507123456
      • Bangalore – 9964023456
      • Lucknow – 9889623456
      • Pune N Mumbai – 8888823456
      • Chandigarh – 9855623456
      • Kerala – 9961023456

Registration process results in delivery of a number of registration for new customer, which helps in online booking. It  must be noted that there is an offline process of registration as well where the IVRS numbers which the consumers has is useful. Different cities have their own IVRS numbers and is dependent on the agencies located there. While booking online, the consumers have to present their respective consumer number in order to get the connection. This is for the regular customers. In online booking, on the other hand, the customers are provided a portal online for every entry they make. The procedure for online booking are as follows:

  • Consumers have to log in with their accounts on HP’s URL using their IDs and passwords.
  • If a first time user wants to avail, this facility then he/she should first register themselves by going on the Sign Up option. Long time Users can book for HP Gas cylinders.
  • The IVRS numbers can be used to refill booking. This facility is theer in all the metro cities and is famous for providing quick assistance to consumers. HP Anytime service offers Booking of refills and status tracking as well.

In order to track a status, the phone number provided by the customer while filling the registration form is used where the STD code prefixed before it is useful. For instance, a user’s telephone number is 2730962,and he/she lives in Lucknow than in the box of RTN a user must enter-05222730962 .Along with that a consumer number also has to be entered.


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